Perlegiannika Hoυses

Εσωτερική ΑυλήPerlegiannika Hoυses is located between two gorges, with excellent panoramic view to both of them. The position of the Houses lets you admire the glorious reddish summer sunset. The village guards over beautiful cypress hills, as well as acres with olive trees and plantations with local vegetables.
Within the Perlegiannika Hoυses’ Garden you will find two stone wells, a small farm plot, aromatic plants & herbs, a stone Kytherian rustic wood fired oven, a threshing floor and a barbeque. The Garden, the Barbeque and the Pergola (with an outdoor dining table of 12) are common areas for both Houses.
Perlegiannika Hoυses consists of two separate Houses, that share a party wall. The Houses are: Two-Story House (119 m2) and the Kamara House (75 m2).

GardenIn the Houses complex, there are also separate building units, the Garden Kitchen and the Garden Room, that are for exclusive use by the Zisimopoulos Family.

The Zisimopoulos Family completed the reconstruction of the Kamara House and the Garden Kitchen in 2004 and the Garden Room in 2005. The Two-Story House was built in 2007. Throughout the construction process, there was constant supervision by Zisimopoulos Family and two partnering architects (one local & one from Athens). The Houses were built by local craftsmen who applied Kytherian methodology and techniques for the floors and the bathrooms, while the majority of materials used were from local producers. Zisimopoulos Family tried to reuse the stone from the original buildings that stood were the two Houses are right now, following the 3R principles of sustainability (Reuse, Recycle & Reduce).

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