Close your eyes and open your senses: Starry night sky, the scent of jasmine feels the air, white lanterns light the stone steps of the patio, somewhere in the background the sound of an night bird, annoyed by the loud laughter of a group of friends sharing jokes and wild stories while sipping on cool white wine.  But something seems off: this group seems to be waiting for something… But what can that sth be? The question is quickly answered by the tinkling, delicious smell of food being prepared on a big charcoal BBQ, that slowly slithers into existence takes over the senses of everyone present. Not even the sweetest wine in the world can quench the need for this delicious smelling food! Dear friends,  that is what having a BBQ is to me… Sharing unique moments with friends and family, enjoying a glass of good wine (or any other kind of alcoholic / or not alcoholic drink that one enjoys), far away from the loud city sounds and with the delicious aroma of meat / fish / vegetables being prepared on the BBQ… With the appropriate music playing on the background (which in turn depends on the menu and on personal taste). Some suggestions:

– from the mildy corny, but always efficient “Gia ena Tango ”- that recently was a part of a US OST (and with this chance I would like to thank Richard Linklater for choosing Greece in as a filming site for “Before Midnight”) accompanied by white wine

– “world music” (I never truly liked that term) and specifically all the songs from the grat Cesaria Evora, with a small pinch of Pink Martini) accompanied by rosé wine

–  for a more folk orientated evening one can try the unique sound of rembetiko (goes better with all kind of red meet delicacies) and of course with red wine or for touch of Crete rakomelo But above all, the most important music of any successful BBQ is laughter (the louder, the better= more energy and more life is pumped into us). And with these recent BBQ pictures from Perlegiannika Houses, I say bye-bye for today.

Until next time, Chrysanthi

Το Τραπέζι / The Table...

Το Τραπέζι / The Table…

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