Our Summer Photo Album…

Welcome September! I hope we all enjoy a great back-to-school / work month and a lovely Autumn (winter is not coming -hmmm, GoT joke- for a good three months and after all when it is here it brings season greetings – and that is always sth to look forward). The summer of 2014 was really something for us here at Perlegiannika Houses: the weather was great, we experienced unique moments of laughter and joy that we got to share with new friends, while simultaneously our farm was rich in our luscious fruits and vegetables (good crop=good luck). While we were looking through our summer photos, a thought crossed our minds: why not post on our blog some of the photos that represent interesting moments and events that took place this season?! So in the following posts you will get to see what our summer here in Kythera and in Perlegiannika Houses is all about!


Sunset in August