In Perlegiannika Houses you will experience relaxing and rejuvenating summer moments, away from everyday work & city stress. Surrounded by green cypress hills and beautiful island gorges, with the sea view and the sunset “smiling” at you from the end of the road, Perlegiannnika Houses will offer you days worth remembering.
Hospitality, warmth & relaxation are the key-words that describe the Perlegiannika Houses in the beautiful island of Kythera …

Almost a decade ago, we, the Zisimopoulos Family, arrived in the tiny Kytherian village of Perlegiannika for summer vacation and it only took a few moments for us, city folks, to fall in love with the island and the village. But how could we not? The unbelievable mixture of nature, of rich island aromas, of blue skies and of bright starry nights create a scenery to which no one can say no!

Here, we decided to create Perlegiannika Hoυses. Perlegiannika Houses consists of a renovated traditional Kytherian stone arched house (kamara) and a two-story picturesque island home. The Kamara House was first constructed in the 18th century as an accommodation where wine was produced, matured and stored. The Two-Story House is a new building, that happens to have its own history, as it was constructed on the same place where an old stable used to stand.

During your stay at Perlegiannika Hoυse, Zisimopoulos Family will offer you a full basket of home made products, as well as fresh vegetables and fruit from its farm and garden.

Perlegiannika Houses

Perlegiannika is a small settlement, located in the North-West of the island of Kythera, with a few all the year round permanent residents and fewer …

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Two-Story House

The Two-Story House consists of a living room, a dining room (the dining table is custom made monasterial type), two bathrooms, 1 WC, kitchen …

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The Kamara House is a 75 m2 renovated traditional Kytherian stone arched house that can host up to 3 guests. The Kamara consists of a living room, a dining room …

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